she had the devil in her soul...just because the devil are in his eyes.
she became the devil...when he burn her with his touch.
she is the devil...while he's the sinner.
she burns...when he prays.
she want to burn him...'cause they can be so fucking wrong together but so so so fucking RIGHT.

permite te
sê diabo, sê
liberta te
sê imoral, sê FELIZ!


too much

there are several ways of the many things there are...

things like love, friendship, sex, drugs, ambition, velocity, dreams, running....have trillions of differents forms... and that's the simple reason of the complexity of them.

but when you live with this things in the simple way, to the maximum...you are asking for other people give the same...give you too much...because for you it's simple: YOU GIVE... matter who, why,where, where, whom, how...if you are asked you are there...you find a way of the night became lighter...and bring smiles to the crying face...YOU GIVE TOO MUCH of you to people that loves you... to the things that you want...to life...to everything that you love.

and that's explain why... why no one brings you up, no one really see you, no one bothers ask why, no one know...because for them you are only joy, pleasure,hapiness....

but i'm not,i'm becoming fog... that's why i think i'm disappearing. 'cause i'm to proud to ask for help.

[à espera que o cansaço físico vença]